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Our Story

Hansen House was inspired by my father, William Hansen.  Have you ever met or spoken to someone who within minutes makes you feel right at home?  That was my dad. He loved his life, his family, and his farm, and it showed.  Dad’s strength made us feel safe and secure. 

When Dad’s memory failed, we didn’t know what to do. The man who was the pillar of our family had lost his short-term memory.  Mom would find dad doing unusual things. One winter night she found him in the barn, in his pajamas, shoeless, thinking he needed to be working. It is hard to describe how this affects you. Physically he was fine, but his mind was in a completely different place.  My mom and sister cared for him until there was no choice but to place him in a nursing home.  Places like the Hansen House did not exist at that time.

Hansen House is a community specifically designed to care for those with memory loss. It is with a loving heart that we dedicate Hansen House to my father. I know he would be proud of our efforts to help others who struggle with memory loss.

Richard A. Hansen