Hansen House – Council Bluffs, Iowa

At Hansen House, we take community seriously. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and that means bringing an unrivaled level of care and consistency to everything we do.

Our Council Bluffs location has just 35 units. That small size means the staff and community members really get the chance to know one another.

The smaller size means both the Council Bluffs and Harlan locations are able to form closer bonds with one another than they would living at a larger facility, but it also allows our employees to figure out how best to serve our residents.

Once that bond is established, we never break it by sending an employee to work at another Hansen House location. And, in instances where a resident might need a bit more care, we see to it that they do not have to move if they don’t feel comfortable doing so.  

It’s the reason why residents are happier at Hansen House than any other assisted living facility.

Hansen House Kitchen
Hansen House Patio
Hansen House Room